Is this X rated number plate going to be the most expensive plate in the UK !

A well known number plate company is selling the “X 1” registration and are expecting to receive offers around £1000000 million pounds!

Its good but it my opinion not that good and definitely not worth a million pounds. If an offer has not been made then the number plate will go to an on-line auction..

x rated number plate for sale

X1 number plate for sale

To check out some cheaper number plates available for sale right now then please see the the #1 for advertising and selling asian number plates in the UK. A selection of plates that they are advertising are:


FUK U number plate for sale


Tariq or Tarek number plate for sale



CH61SEA \ CHELSEA number plate for sale

The best Light Bulb in the world… if they make it !

Welcome to a company called LIFX who have invented a WiFi enabled, multicolour, energy efficient LED light bulb that you control with your iPhone or Android…

You can see the video here… and its bad ass…

If you like the product then check out the Kickstarter Project here

new Audi SQ5 TDI – what do you think ?

new Audi SQ5 TDI Diesel

new Audi SQ5 TDI – first diesel S model

Key specs

  • Price: £43,015
  • Engine: 3.0 V6 twin-turbodiesel
  • Power: 309bhp
  • Transmission: Eight-speed automatic, four-wheel drive
  • 0-62mph: 5.1 seconds
  • Top speed: 155mph
  • Economy/CO2: 39mpg/190g/km
  • Equipment: Stop-start, adaptive cruise control, Audi Side Assist, lane departure warning system, sat-nav, Bluetooth connectivity
  • On sale: October 2012

The best car wash in the world !

the best car wash in the world

the best car wash in the world

A massage parlour and a car wash outlet in the Sunway Mentari suburb of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, engaged in a flourishing joint venture until it was disrupted by police last week. After nine car washes, customers received a free detailing – but not of the car.

Click here for more details

we thought the new iPhone 5 would be Revolutionary but its Evolutionary !

Yo I hate to say it but with all the improvements that have been made on the iPhone 5, they are still playing catch up on the android phones out already on the market. Its completely brand new but has aged already compared to its competitors.

The biggest question is should I upgrade or not? I will be answering this question in a new post very soon.

Iphone 5 vs Galaxy S3

See the following links:

” However, for the first time in my history I will not be buying the new iPhone and think Microsoft, Nokia, and HTC have a real opportunity to gain market share by revealing more details of Windows Phone 8″

“Here’s the point: it’s an iPhone, but everything’s better. The screen’s better. The build is better. The camera is better. Voice call quality should be better, although I haven’t tested it. The Internet connection, with LTE, is much, much better. The processor’s better. Everything’s gorgeous, rock-solid, and better.”,2817,2409634,00.asp

DVLA Latest Auction plates that have sold !

The DVLA has raised over £4 million pounds in there latest auction, here are a few popular and Asian related plates that have sold:

AK11RAM = £5500

AK11TAR = £20,200







BA12LOW = 4000

BAN554L = 8500

BU11OCK = 23,000

GA12RYS = £2200

GUJ 33R = £850

HU12LEY = £3600

KN11GHT = £16,500

KP 51NGH = £5100







184 LLY = £2100

MUB424K = £1500

M 54NDU = £3100

PAT23L = £1000

PRY111A = £2500

SE11 OUT = £4400

61 T = £14,000

TA12REK = £2,500

TJ 51NGH = £2,800

The top selling plate was “100 0”

000O number plate dvla auction

000O number plate dvla auction

Does SIZE matter? – all women know it does..

Samsung have unveiled there latest phablet eg the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, however the screen size has become a major talking point. The original phone had a PPI of 285 while the new one has a PPI of 265 (pixel per inch).

If you are thinking what is all this PPI all about then to read more about the complexities please click the link below:

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 launched at Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012. Samsung, Phones, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Android, IFA2012 0