APNAPLATES…. live on TV tonight !

Channel: 4
Program: The 10 o’clock show
Time: 22:00

The producer of the 10 o’clock show has contacted APNAPLATES today and asked for our insight in the recent L16 DEM number plate for sale.. watch it tonight to get the political low down…

lib dem number plate for a liberal democrat

Indian Geek bids $580k for 30 minutes with Apple CEO !

An Indian geek wanted to have a chat with Tim Cook so much that he bid a whopping $580k for half an hour coffee date with Apple CEO, reports Times Of India.

apple number plate

apple number plate

Rakesh Kumar, alumni of Durgapur Regional Engineering College in West Bengal, stunned the auctioneers with his bidding on the last day of auction which ended on Tuesday.  However his dream of meeting Cook missed just by a whisker for an anonymous bidder who bid $610k, $30k more. On Tuesday, the winning bid came only several minutes before the auction closed at 4 pm ET.

Kumar, holds an Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering degree from REC Durgapur, now lives in US and is founder of a start-up Drbluetooth.com, which sells Bluetooth headsets, set up in Sunnyvale, California just nine months ago.

The auction has been running on the Charitybuzz website since April 24 to spend half an hour with Cook over a coffee. The bidding overshot the initial expectation of $50,000 to $160,000 by the end of the first day itself.

Ex-Lib Dem tries to flog ‘LI6 DEM’ registration plate

A former Liberal Democrat councillor, who has now ditched his old party for Labour, is trying to sell a personalised number plate that reads ‘LI6 DEM’.

lib dem number plate for a liberal democrat

Andrew Duffield was a district and county councillor and parliamentary candidate for the Liberal Democrats, and bought the number plate for £250 back in 1993.

liberal democrat and his number plate l16 dem

Duffield described his decision to sell the number plate as being ‘for obvious reasons’, and wants to try and offload it for £500, doubling his money.

He said that he originally defected from the Lib Dems because he believed the coalition government was not doing enough to ‘protect the poor and disadvantaged’.

How old were you when you drove your first Ferrari? How about 9yrs old !!

Indian businessman and car enthusiast Mohammed Nisham was arrested after posting a video online of his son driving his Ferrari.

The nine-year-old boy can be seen with his five-year-old brother in the passenger seat.

Mr Nisham has since been released on bail.


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Have you got a KINKY PORN idea? – welcome to Offbeatr !

Meet Offbeatr the crowdfunding platform for all things adult…


Its sort of like a Kickstarter for porn, a place to brainstorm and then create all your kinky ideas, and if they are popular enough, get them bankrolled. Last week the site announced they’ve funded over $280,000 for pornographic projects since their launch nine months ago.

Instead of just the raunchy stuff you might expect, funding has also been art, games and comic books. Unlike other popular kickstarter websites, projects are only funded if they approved by Offbeatr users.

In total 100 adult projects have been created with 4,000 receiving funding pledges.

The site was created after co-founder and chief executive Ben Tao and his partner Eric Lai began ExtraLaunchMoney, a digital marketplace for amateur adult creators that serves as the parent company for Offbeatr. “Starting out, we weren’t sure adult crowdfunding would work,” admits Tao. “We rolled the dice and nine months and £280,000 later, we’ve confirmed there is a demand”

Flying Cars are becoming a reality…. !!

Terrafugia’s vision for the future for the future of personal transportation is the flying car…. check it out the pics and the video…

tfx v03 driveway-WM tfx v03 cityliftoff-WM tfx v03 farmland-WM tfx v03 neighborhood-WM tfx v03 clearsky-WM tfx v03 oceanroad-WM

Video – The flying car coming to a garage near you !!

I hope we can still put our private plates on the flying car.. that would be awesome !!

For more information check out the website http://www.terrafugia.com/

Million Dollar Dubai Number Plates…

Going out to buy a license plate is considered more of a hassle in America, whereas in Dubai, its one of the most important things you can do as a car owner.

Owning certain license plates means the world to your reputation in Dubai. Each license plate have 5 randomized number, and with certain numbers being more expensive than others. The most expensive license plates would have to be from the number 1 to number 10. Ten to 99 are the second most expensive, and certain combinations like 11, 22, 11111, and other repeating numbers fetch a high amount as well. Some owners even like to match the number of their license plate to their car. Example: Ferrari 458 with the plate “458″.

Dubai Number Plates - Number 5 and Number  7


If you license plate costs less than your car, you aren’t doing anything for your reputation. The numbers “5″ and”7″ sold for nearly 10 times the amount of the car they are attached to (both were sold to the same millionaire who has them on Rolls-Royces). The world’s most expensive plate was sold to Saeed Abdul Ghafour Khouri. The number? 1. The cost? $14.3 million. Compare that to the price of the number 5 license plate which sold for $6.8 million.

Dubai-I-680x382 17_ae_auction_plate06_5


The plates are auctioned off at the Emirates Auction, where they aim to “make an expensive car without a prestigious license plate worth nothing.”At these auctions, they are not only buying a status symbol, but they are also investing in an object that will only appreciate in value. The head of Emirates Auction, Abdulla al Mannaie, says that the plates have more than a 20% annual return in value. Its strange to think that the price of the car will decrease, while the price of the piece of metal attached to it will increase.


Most of you are probably reading this right now thinking how ludicrous it all is. However, you should know that all of the proceeds from each auction go to charity.


Jay Leno creates his own car masterpiece !!

35065212 jay_486757-GM EcoJet 3 jay_486757-GM EcoJet 2 jay_486757-GM EcoJet

GM EcoJet

Celebrity Owner: Jay Leno

In 2006, Jay Leno looked to General Motors’ Advanced Design Studio to create this one-off, 650hp, turbine-powered EcoJet. After six months in the design studio and another six in production, the EcoJet was delivered to Jay’s secret warehouse in California. Love is a beautiful thing.