Personalised Number Plates Make A Statement

Personalised number plates have been around for decades, and their popularity shows no sign of decreasing. Last year the UK’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency raised £67m from the sale of personalised number plates.

Lord Alan Sugar has AMS 1, the Duke and Duchess drove away from their wedding with one that said JU5T WED and presenter Chris Evans has several. So what is it about them that people love?

Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge JU5T WED Number Plate

Earlier this year, Steve Holden drove 219 miles from his bed and breakfast in Yarm, north-east England, to Oxford to buy HO11 DEN. He went to the auction with a £3,000 mental limit but ended up spending £7,400.

Heather Logan and her husband Gordon own seven, including 33 GL and 33 HL. After hearing GO12 DON was being auctioned in Leeds, they made the trip from their Cleveland home in March.

It seems for the thousands of drivers who actually have personalised number plates, they are regarded as a statement of individuality or an investment.

Motoring journalist Quentin Willson said earlier this year: “It really is about being visually pleasing. They are great fun but much abused. It seems to have caught the nation’s psyche. For a motoring-obsessed nation they are a suburban trinket. A number plate is a form of automotive jewellery. You can either change your car or change your number plate, and changing your number plate is cheaper.”

It is one thing to buy a registration plate with your name on it, but what about getting a bit more creative? If it’s head turning you crave, this one may be just what you are looking for and it’s currently for sale…


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