The Wrist Watch That Tracks Car Performance

Nissan Nismo Watch

Nissan has created a wrist watch that tracks the performance of both the wearer and the vehicle they are driving. It measures heart rate, temperature and other biometrics of the driver as well as the speeds and fuel consumption of the vehicle. It was unveiled ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show, which runs until 22 September.

Experts say that the watch, called the Nissan Nismo, could be an important step towards greater connectivity in cars. The Nismo watch can be connected to the car’s on-board computer system to allow users to monitor vehicle telematics and performance data.

Other smart watches have hit the market recently, including Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and Sony’s Smartwatch 2, but editor-in-chief of What Car?, Chas Hallett, said that car connected watched could be even more useful than those offered by consumer electronic firms. “Imagine if you could heat up your car on a cold day before you got into it or shut the roof of your convertible when it started raining and it was parked outside,” he said.


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The current gadget is one of the first products to come out of its Nismo laboratory, which captures live biometric and telematics data from Nissan racing cars and their drivers. The eventual aim would be to create wearable technology for drivers that can spot fatigue, monitor drivers’ levels of concentration and emotions and record hydration levels.

The Nissan Nismo smartwatch comes in three colours, can be controlled by two buttons on the screen and has a battery life of around a week.