Asians Biggest Lovers Of Gadgets And Technology

Asians Love Gadgets And Technology

New research from Ofcom has revealed that ethnic minorities are the biggest fans in the UK when it comes to gadgets and technology!

37% of ethnic minorities say they love gadgets as compared to 30% of the British population as a whole, and they are also more likely to say that it’s important for their homes to be equipped with the latest technology (32% compared to 20%). This rises to almost half (47%) in the Asian Indian group.


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Mobile phones are generally more important to people in ethnic minority groups than the wider British population. More than half of the Mixed Ethnic (57%), Asian Pakistani (58%), Asian Bangladeshi (57%), Black African (56%) and Asian Indian (54%) groups say they could not do without their mobile phones, compared with 43% of the British population. In the Asian Bangladeshi group, one in five (20%) claims to have at least five mobile phones in their households, compared with 5% of the British population. Ethnic minorities are also more likely to spend more money per month on their phones.


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Most ethnic minority groups are more likely to have a broadband connection at home, particularly among the Asian Indian group (82% compared with 71% of the British population).

However, those in the Asian Indian group are less likely to own a TV and watch TV than the British population as a whole. Eighty-two per cent of Asian Indian people say they own a TV and 93% say that they watch TV, compared with 96% and 99% of the British population respectively. Also Listening to the radio is generally less popular among ethnic minority groups, with 40% of Asian Bangladeshis tuning in weekly, compared with 79% of the British population.

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The Reuben Brothers are ranked #2 Billionaires in the UK 2013

David & Simon Reuben – Billionaire Brothers



Net Worth $10.5 B As of March 2013
At a Glance

Age: 70

Source of Wealth: investments, real estate, self-made

Country of Citizenship: United Kingdom

Education: Sir John Cass College, London

Marital Status: Married

Children: 3

Forbes Lists

#103 Billionaires

#2 in United Kingdom

#100 in 2012

David and Simon Reuben were born in India to Jewish-Iraqi parents who brought them to London in the 1950s. ‘They had absolutely nothing,’ says Jamie. ‘I’ve heard the stories from my mother – she was the one paying for the dinners when she met my dad.’ The Reuben boys were sent to a state school in Islington. David went on to Sir John Cass Sixth Form College in Stepney, but Simon never completed formal education. At 17, David joined a scrap metals business and began to trade, working nights while he finished college, while Simon started out in carpets, bought out England’s oldest carpet company from the receiver and made enough money from it to start investing in property. Cannily, he bought several shops on Walton Street and the old Pheasantry site on the King’s Road in Chelsea.

When the brothers joined forces, their company Trans-World traded in non-ferrous metals, specialising in aluminium and tin out of London and copper and tin out of New York. By 1984, the company was worth in excess of $20 million. They then made the move into Russia just after the break-up of the Soviet Union, bought up half of Russia’s aluminium production and, eventually, emerged victorious from the ‘Wild East’ aluminium war of the 1990s. They had done business with Oleg Deripaska, the oligarch friend of Nat Rothschild and Peter Mandelson, but that relationship collapsed in a court case in 1995 in which the Reubens claimed damages of $300 million for lost profits.

The brothers have since focused on re-shaping the landscape of London. Their company redeveloped Paddington Basin and they also own Connaught House on Berkeley Square, the John Lewis headquarters in Victoria and some Sloane Street shops among a vast property portfolio.

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The London Building That Melts Cars

Walkie Talkie Building That Melts Cars

When he parked his Jaguar on Eastcheap in London, Martin Lyndsay never expected to return to a lump of melted metal just two hours later.

A new £200million 37-storey skyscraper at 20 Fenchurch Street, nicknamed the “Walkie Talkie” due to its distinctive shape, is responsible. The sunlight reflected from this new building, currently still under construction, has been causing heat damage to the cars beneath.

Melted London Jaguar Bodywork

Mr Lindsay, director of tiling company Moderna Contracts Ltd, told the BBC: “I was walking down the road and saw a photographer taking photos and asked, ‘what’s happening?’. The photographer asked me ‘have you seen that car? The owner won’t be happy.’ I said: ‘I am the owner. Crikey, that’s awful.'”

The wing mirror, panels and Jaguar badge had all melted. On the windscreen there was a note that said ‘your car’s buckled, could you give us a call?’.

Melted London Jaguar Wing Mirror

People walking by often have to shield their eyes from the incredible glare and the building has been dubbed the ‘Walkie Scorchie’ by nearby workers.

The developers have apologised and paid for the repairs and the City of London has agreed to suspend three parking bays in the area which may be affected whilst the situation is investigated further.


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How To Calculate The Total Cost Of Your New Car

Dacia Sandero

The purchase price of your new car is just the beginning. The total cost includes tax, fuel, depreciation, maintenance and repair costs, but these aren’t in the shiny brochure handed to you by the dealership. So how do you begin to calculate these overall costs when you are choosing a new car?

CAP Automotive has launched a ‘Total Cost Of Motoring‘ service, which provides drivers with an idea of the overall expense of buying any particular model. Provided the vehicle is under 5 years old, you can input details of the car you’re thinking of buying and how long you’ll keep it, and it shows how much it will lose in depreciation.


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CAP predicts future car values based on historic data for 70 variables influencing depreciation, including brand, model, engine size, colour and market conditions. This is the first time that CAP has provided information direct to consumers.

Dacia recently used CAP data to advertise its Sandero Access as “the least depreciating” car on sale in the UK, because the vehicle lost the least value in monetary terms. After three years and 60,000 miles, the 1.2-litre petrol-powered vehicle will have only lost £3,615 (60%) of its retail price of £5,995.


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However, a Porsche Cayenne diesel bought today for £47,390 will only have lost 59% of its value, and will be worth £19,275 after three years and 60,000 miles. Generally it’s safe to say that a more expensive car with a good residual value will probably cost you less in the long run than a cheaper car.

So if you’re thinking about a new car but can’t decide which model, visit to compare total costs.

CAP Total Cost of Motoring

Businessman Turns Down £6m Offer For Number Plate

F1 Number Plate

Businessman Afzal Kahn first bought his ‘F1’ number plate back in 2008 for £440,000, which you might already think is a considerable sum. However Kahn was recently offered £6m for it, which is a 1250% increase in value in just 5 years. He turned it down.

So “why on earth didn’t he take the money?” I hear you ask. “However good the ‘F1’ plate looks on his £1m 16-cylinder Bugatti Veyron, surely everyone has their price.” Well, you may be onto something. Maybe Mr Khan is holding out for a bigger offer, one closer to the £7.1m allegedly paid for the ‘1’ plate in 2008.

F1 Plate

Or perhaps Mr Kahn simply doesn’t need the money. He is a highly successful business owner after all, with his own private plate collection. It has been said that he is enjoying the publicity over his refusal to part with his favourite plate.

If you can believe it, the ‘F1’ plate was originally partnered with aVolvo S80! If you owned the ‘F1’ plate, what car would you want to go with it?

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