The Top 10 Must Have Car Accessories

From bike carriers and pressure washers to wheel protectors and Bluetooth phone mounts, there are numerous ways to get more from your car. Make the most of your motor by investing in one of the Telegraph‘s top 10 car accessories…

1. Parrot Minikit Smart Universal Bluetooth Car Kit (£55)

Parrot Minikit Smart Universal Bluetooth Car Kit

The Parrot Minikit Smart is an in-car mobile phone holder with built-in Bluetooth connectivity. It affixes to your car’s windscreen with a suction mount and then holds your phone in place with a spring-loaded clamp.

2. AA Roadwatch Pro (£1.99 annually on iPhone)

AA Roadwatch Pro

Of the many on offer, the AA Roadwatch Pro is one of the best. It takes its data from TomTom and works on iPhone and Windows 8 devices (£1.79 for a year’s access on the latter), and will either show jams on a map or, if you enter your location and destination, will highlight any hold-ups on your intended route.

3. Breffo Spiderpodium Original (£14.99)

Breffo Spiderpodium Original

The Breffo Spiderpodium can be bent into all manner of shapes. It’s billed as a smartphone mount/holder. However, it’s big enough to get a grip on most satnav units too, which makes it the perfect in-car companion. To use it, you just hook four of the Spiderpodium’s eight legs around your phone or satnav and use the other four to attach it to the airvent.

4. TomTom GO LIVE 1005 5″ Sat Nav with World Maps – 66 Countries (from £249.99)

TomTom GO LIVE 1005 5" Sat Nav with World Maps (66 Countries)

This satnav from TomTom is ideal if you like a few extra features to dabble with on your way from A to B. The live traffic updates (for Europe, not just the UK) are brilliant and the online functions allow you to search for restaurants and shops using Expedia and Trip Advisor. Best of all is the worldwide map database, which works as well in Cape Town as it does in Camden Town.


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5. Kärcher Chassis Cleaner (from £69.95)

Kärcher Chassis Cleaner

During winter it’s just as important to keep the underside of your car clean and safe from corrosive road salt as the paintwork. And for that job, it’s hard to beat the Kärcher Chassis Cleaner. Just attach it to a Kärcher pressure washer and use it to clean the underside of your car with the supplied shampoo and a high-pressure rinse. The Chassis Cleaner can then also be used to add a layer of treatment that for six weeks will protect your car from corrosion caused by road salt.

6. Halfords Exodus Rear High Mount (£99.99)

Halfords Exodus Rear High Mount

To transport bikes on the back of your car you need a bike carrier that is sturdy but not too heavy, and the Exodus Rear High Mount from Halfords fits the bill. Capable of carrying up to three bikes (with a maximum load of 45kg), it is particularly useful if you regularly ride off road and don’t want to get the interior of your car covered in mud. The Rear High Mount comes fully assembled and leaves your car boot free to fill with other stuff.

7. CD Slot Mount Car Organiser (£10.00)

CD Slot Mount Car Organiser

The CD Slot mount consists of a piece of plastic that slips into a car’s CD slot, and a washable sticky pad upon which you can attach a satnav so that it doesn’t need to be mounted on the screen. It’ll also hold a smart phone, meaning that if you use your phone for satnav you can quickly and easily mount it in the car.

8. AA Road Atlas Britain 2014 (£14.99)

AA Road Atlas Britain 2014

While we can’t resist the latest in-car gadgets, there’s still a lot to be said for a decent, printed map. The AA’s Road Atlas Britain is just that. Spiral bound so it’s easy to keep it open on the desired page, it is A4 in size with a 3 miles to 1in scale and even includes locations of static speed cameras.

9. Halfords 12V Car Vacuum (£28.99)

Halfords 12V Car Vacuum

This little unit from Halfords might be at the cheaper end of the car vacuum market, but it’s a great performer. It runs from your car’s cigarette lighter socket (so no need to run an extension cord from your house) and includes three attachments to get into all those hard-to-reach places.

10. AlloyGators (£60 for five)


Over recent years there has been a trend of fitting new cars with big alloy wheels and low profile tyres. While this might result in more grip and better residual values, the downsides can be poor ride quality and an increase in tyre noise. Plus, of course, there’s more risk of damaging those big wheels on a kerb. That’s where AlloyGators come in. Made of a super tough nylon, they sit between the alloy wheel and the tyre, and protect the rim should you accidentally hit something. AlloyGator claims you can fit them yourself in one hour, but you might be just as tempted to take advantage of its nationwide fitting network. Worth noting for some, if you want to stand out you can order your AlloyGators in one of nine colours.


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