Supercar Exhausts Make Stylish iPhone Speakers

iPhone Speaker Supercar Exhausts

These iPhone speakers made of supercar exhausts should be on every car lover’s wish list. Sound gadgets need to produce great sound, but they also need to be a stylish piece of furniture and these Ferrari exhaust pipe speakers answer yes to all of the above.

iXoost, an Italy-based company, is responsible for the unique design behind the Ferrari exhaust pipe sound dock. The docking stations are being offered in either eight speakers, 10 speakers or 12 speakers.

iXoost also offers its own music playing app, designed to complement the speaker system. With Coordinated graphics and technical HQs, the app matches the custom design of each recycled exhaust.


The pipes are taken from original classics such as F1 racing classics like the 1978 Cosworth DFV, 2006 Renault RS26, 2007 Ferrari 056 and more.

Replacing the original output of Italian purring, these speakers will provide blaring 140 watt sub-woofers and 70 watt speakers, available in six colors and several finishes.

Even though these come in at around at a pricey $6,900 we think they are worth every penny. Here are some more pictures:

iPhone Speaker Supercar Exhausts

iPhone Speaker Supercar ExhaustsiPhone Speaker Supercar ExhaustsSupercar Exhaust iPhone Speakers

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