Jaguar – It’s Good To Be Bad Campaign

Jaguar - It's Good To Be Bad Campaign

Have you ever wondered why in Hollywood movies, all the villains are played by Brits? Jaguar’s ‘It’s Good To Be Bad’ campaign features a charismatic line-up of characters with the intelligence and sheer determination to turn the world upside-down. The concept is that these eminently admirable qualities are also present across the Jaguar R Performance range, and exemplified by the F-TYPE R Coupé.

Being a British villain takes a certain style, attention to detail, and above all, practice. For a bit of fun, Jaguar’s website offers what it calls the perfect opportunity to hone your nefarious skills. The lockmaster challenge encourages you to use your skill and dexterity, to crack a combination lock and get away on an F-TYPE R Coupé ‘fearless’ driving day. Are you bad enough? Find out at


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The villains campaign is designed to launch the F-TYPE R Coupé and to position the brand as stylish and disruptive of the status quo. It is a critical part of Jaguar’s effort to boost buyer awareness and consideration ahead of other key product launches, such as the XE small sedan coming in 2016.

Jaguar’s heritage is both an asset and a liability. Its racing bloodlines run deep, but the brand is still plagued by a reputation for unreliability, a notion so ingrained in the popular consciousness that it turned up on AMC’s hit TV show “Mad Men,” about a fictional 1960s ad agency that briefly holds the Jaguar account. Jaguar’s quality has improved but the negative perceptions still exist to some extent.

Do you think the villains campaign is going to get a positive result for Jaguar?


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