If Darth Vader Had A Car…

If Darth Vader Had A Car...

If Darth Vader had a car, this concept by Ondrej Jirec would be it. Jirec is a Czech student at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Its name is the Cadillac Estill, a futuristic super car concept that, according to Jirec, links to the history of the Cadillac brand but is not retro.

Here’s how he describes it:

“The desired result was to create a concept that maintains clues from the history of the Cadillac brand and introduces a futuristic and fresh vision. The history clues were a fuselage suspended between two long body sides – a good example is the 1970 Cadillac Eldorado.


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“Taking this pure form study, stripping down from all details, and taking it as a building theme for the whole concept, those were the main inspiration for the development of this concept.

“The interior layout is built around the driver experience. The passenger seat is pushed slightly back so the driver can reach the feeling of being in a true race car, inspired by the Cadillac Le Mans heritage.”

Ondrej Jirec received a Mr. Otis and Mrs. Bettina Chandler full endowed scholarship from 2008 to 2013 and has worked at General Motors and Honda R&D in California, Aston Martin in the UK, and Stile Bertone in Torino, Italy.

If Darth Vader Had A Car...If Darth Vader Had A Car...If Darth Vader Had A Car... If Darth Vader Had A Car...

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5 Driving Apps You Need To Download

Just because you can’t use your smart phone when you’re driving doesn’t mean there aren’t some pretty amazing driving apps you can use before you set off or when you pull over. Here are some of the best ones…

See Click Fix

SeeClickFix allows users to report non-emergencies, such as those pesky pot-holes you’ve been complaining about. Take a photo of the problem in question, geo-locate, upload, and you’re done. The issue is then documented on the app publiclly, alongside notifying the local jurisdiction of the problem. So with any luck, the problem will be solved.


Trapster alerts you to any obstacles during your daily commute or road trips, to ensure it all goes stress and problem free. With over 20 million drivers helping one another out with getting caught by these annoyances, you’ll be certain to find it very handy.


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Waze is a nifty little app, using your GPS signal to offer you real-time traffic reports, alongside route suggestions and more. This data can be uploaded by each individual users, creating a unique community of drivers informing and advising others on their local surroundings in realtime; meaning you can get to your destination as easily and quickly as possible.

Gas Buddy

The idea behind Gas Buddy is simple; find the cheapest Gas prices near you. The app allows users to report low gas prices wherever they are, meaning everyone can help out their fellow drivers. And in doing so, you can earn respective points. Who can say no to saving a heap of money on fuel? Think of all that extra driving you could get done.


Exploring the unknown is so much fun when you have the perfect car for a road trip; and Yelp is the perfect companion. Being able to spot places to eat, drink, or be entertained in some fashion, can instantly boost your trip to the next level. Discovering new places doesn’t have to be a thing of the past.

Do you have any to add? We’d love to hear about your favourite driving apps so we can test them out.

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London Tops ‘Super Rich’ List with 104 Billionaires

London Tops ‘Super Rich’ List with 104 Billionaires

London has more billionaires than any other city in the world, and Britain has more billionaires per head of population than any other country, according to The Asian Age.

There are now 104 billionaires based in the UK with a combined wealth of more than £301 billion.

Indian-born brothers Sri and Gopi Hinduja top the British list with a fortune of £11.9 billion, amassed through the family-owned Hinduja Group, which has interests in oil, banking, the automotive industry, property and the media.

NRI industrialist Lakshmi Mittal edged one position upwards to the third rank with £10.25 billion even as Russian magnate Alisher Usmanov, who topped the list till 2013, fell to the second place.


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In reference to the Kolkata-based Mittal, the newspaper highlighted a final bounce in fortunes after a few years of dip. “After a tough few years in the steel industry, Mittal is seeing a glimmer of light. Arcelor Mittal shares have recovered, making his stake worth £6.65 billion, up £700 million in a year,” it said.

Mr Mittal’s brother-in-law India-born textiles and plastics tycoon Prakash Lohia is ranked as Britain’s 46th richest man with around £2.11 billion. Leading NRI industrialist and Caparo chief Lord Swraj Paul is ranked Britain’s 48th richest, with an estimated wealth worth around £2 billion.

Vedanta Resources chief Agarwal at 50th rank and Indus Gas supremo Kalsi at 102nd complete the Indian presence among the London-based billionaires.

Source: The Asian Age

For Sale: Batmobile Tumbler Golf Cart

For Sale: Batmobile Tumbler Golf Cart

Meet the Batmobile Tumbler Golf Cart. Yep! And it’s for sale. Since the 2005 premiere of Batman Begins, the armored, building-jumping Tumbler has become as popular as past Batmobiles from comic books and the big and small screens.

Like the full-size Tumbler, this miniature version features dual rear wheels, plus a rocket booster. So it doesn’t exactly match the performance necessary for a high-speed chase through Gotham, but maybe Batman will be able to catch the Joker on his day off at the country club.


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Prestige Imports is asking $49,950 for it, which makes it a pretty expensive golf cart. Still, modified golf carts are fairly popular in Florida, where they’re used as neighborhood vehicles in the state’s many retirement communities.

It’s also a bargain compared to the full-size Tumbler replica that turned up on the Internet back in February, with an asking price of $1 million. Reportedly one of a series of five, it features Chevrolet LS1 V-8 power and 44-inch Super Swamper tires.


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With the Chris Nolan cycle of Batman movies completed, the real Tumbler has been retired, and a new Batmobile is poised to grab the spotlight. Teaser shots of Batman and his new ride were released recently, although neither will be fully revealed until the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie premieres in 2016.

For Sale: Batmobile Tumbler Golf Cart For Sale: Batmobile Tumbler Golf Cart For Sale: Batmobile Tumbler Golf Cart

Source: Motor Authority

Video: Take A First-Person Lap In A Prototype At Laguna Seca

Video: Take A First-Person Lap In A Prototype At Laguna Seca

If you have ever wondered what a race driver sees from the wheel of a prototype car at the famous Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, then you are in luck! This video is courtesy of Scott Sharp and a prototype visor cam.

It comes from the cockpit of Sharp’s Tequila Patron Honda Performance Development ARX-03b during practice for the TUDOR United SportsCar Championship race. The action is fast and sometimes precarious, as the GTD-class cars loom like monster trucks from Sharp’s low position.


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It’s a manic, intense ride as Sharp weaves through traffic, ironing out the kinks before the race, which took place 3rd – 4th May. Sharp qualified third in the Prototype class with co-driver Ryan Dalziel with a lap time of 1:18.970, but unfortunately didn’t finish the race due to a gearbox issue early in Dalziel’s stint behind the wheel.

ESM Racing, Sharp’s team, saw success on the weekend, however, putting their other prototype car on pole thanks to a fast lap from Johannes van Overbeek. Overbeek and co-driver Ed Brown went on to win the overall victory in the race.

Source: Motor Authority

New Batmobile Sneak Peek

New Batmobile Sneak Peek


The next Batman film, directed by Zack Snyder is set to feature a special treat for car enthusiasts; a new Batmobile. Last week on Twitter, Snyder gave the world an early look.

From what we can see in this teaser pic, the silhouette echoes the classic comic book Batmobile’s profile more than any in recent memory, and veers sharply away from the awesome but unusual Tumbler, though threads from that design can be seen as well.


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But there is a twist in this tale. The next Batman film, directed by Snyder, will also be the next Superman film as the two superheroes will feature together in ‘Batman vs Superman’ coming 2016.

We will keep you posted, as I am sure you are as excited as we are…

Source: Motor Authority

New £440,000 Lamborghini Bursts into Flames On Demonstration Day

New £440,000 Lamborghini Bursts into Flames On Demonstration Day

A brand new £440,000 Lamborghini reportedly burst into in flames while being exhibited to the media at a demonstration in Australia. Now that is seriously bad luck.

Witnesses say the light blue V12-powered Aventador LP700-4 Roadster had completed dozens of laps around Phillip Island race track in Victoria when heavy smoke and fire emerged from behind the cabin.


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Top Gear Australia editor Tim Keen was driving the supercar, and was quickly instructed to stop on the track and leave the vehicle. Sources say that a driving instructor was heard desperately yelling for people to grab fire extinguishers off the walls of the pit bays nearby.

According to Fairfax Media ‘a number’ of fire extinguishers were needed to put out the fire, which is believed to have started due to an oil leak in the exhaust and spread to the rear taillight. It is understood oil from one of the brake lines leaked on the exhaust system and caught fire.

New £440,000 Lamborghini Bursts into Flames On Demonstration Day

A statement released by Lamborghini explained that the blaze was caused by the vehicle’s ‘extended track use in a high-temperature environment’ and they consequently have no plans to modify the car. ‘The investigation has also confirmed that the issue was not due to any fault in the design or construction of the vehicle,’ the statement read.

The Italian car-maker was further embarrassed when Lamborghini’s head of south-east Asia and the Pacific, Sebastien Henry, asked media attending not to write about the incident or report about it on social media.

New £440,000 Lamborghini Bursts into Flames On Demonstration Day

Source: The Daily Mail