5 Driving Apps You Need To Download

Just because you can’t use your smart phone when you’re driving doesn’t mean there aren’t some pretty amazing driving apps you can use before you set off or when you pull over. Here are some of the best ones…

See Click Fix

SeeClickFix allows users to report non-emergencies, such as those pesky pot-holes you’ve been complaining about. Take a photo of the problem in question, geo-locate, upload, and you’re done. The issue is then documented on the app publiclly, alongside notifying the local jurisdiction of the problem. So with any luck, the problem will be solved.


Trapster alerts you to any obstacles during your daily commute or road trips, to ensure it all goes stress and problem free. With over 20 million drivers helping one another out with getting caught by these annoyances, you’ll be certain to find it very handy.


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Waze is a nifty little app, using your GPS signal to offer you real-time traffic reports, alongside route suggestions and more. This data can be uploaded by each individual users, creating a unique community of drivers informing and advising others on their local surroundings in realtime; meaning you can get to your destination as easily and quickly as possible.

Gas Buddy

The idea behind Gas Buddy is simple; find the cheapest Gas prices near you. The app allows users to report low gas prices wherever they are, meaning everyone can help out their fellow drivers. And in doing so, you can earn respective points. Who can say no to saving a heap of money on fuel? Think of all that extra driving you could get done.


Exploring the unknown is so much fun when you have the perfect car for a road trip; and Yelp is the perfect companion. Being able to spot places to eat, drink, or be entertained in some fashion, can instantly boost your trip to the next level. Discovering new places doesn’t have to be a thing of the past.

Do you have any to add? We’d love to hear about your favourite driving apps so we can test them out.

Source: Carhoots

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