Underworld Gangster Mick Gatto Reviews Mercedes-Benz’s G63 AMG

Underworld Gangster Mick Gatto reviews Mercedes-Benz’s G63 AMG

Mick Gatto is best known in Australia for surviving Melbourne’s gangland wars and beating a murder rap.

That’s why the underworld figure turned corporate “mediator’’ was the perfect person to take a few test laps in a new pimped-up, heavy-hitting Mercedes-Benz SUV favoured by mobsters and gangsta rappers alike.

In his review for Wheels magazine, Gatto reveals himself to be a bit of a speedster, admiring the G63 AMG’s “zing” and running a few red-lights with the assurance: “Yep, that was a bit illegal, but not to worry.’’


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A former boxer and still a heavyweight in every sense of the word, Gatto abhors sports cars, saying that driving a Ferrari made him feel like a crab “driving a lawnmower”, and complains even the G63 “doesn’t feel all that roomy inside.”

“We figured who better to review a gangster car than a real-life gangster,” said Wheels editor Glenn Butler, “It’s a brute of a car, perhaps not as refined as the rest of Mercedes-Benz’s range.”

The interview is repeatedly interrupted by wellwishers keen to pay their respects to Gatto, who says he is often recognised on the street since the Underbelly TV series lifted his profile.

“I never turn down an autograph or a photo,” Gatto said. “As my lawyer said: ‘You never know when they might be on a jury.’ ”


Source: The Australian


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