Video: The Man Behind Luxury Supercar Salon Privé

he Man Behind Luxury Supercar Salon Privé

London Loves Business took to the green lawns and sunny terraces of Syon House to meet David Bagley, co-founder of luxury British supercar show Salon Privé.

This event is the only motor show in the UK to focus “purely on supercars, hypercars, megacars and concept cars”, so it’s got all bases covered when it comes to tip top vehicles.


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Now in its ninth year, the event has grown considerably and attracts owners, collectors, enthusiasts and friends from around the world who converge to indulge in their passion and enjoy lobster and champagne.

They asked Bagley about his love of cars, what to expect at the show, and how he came to create of one of the UK’s most spectacular motor shows.

Watch the video:

Source: London Loves Business


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