‘Salt Water Powered’ Supercar Given Greenlight For EU Roads

'Salt Water Powered' Supercar Given Greenlight For EU Roads

NanoFlowCell are trying to launch a car that’s environmentally friendly with the unveiling of the Quart e-SportsLimousine prototype, which ‘captures the energy of an ocean’ with ‘salt-powered’ ion battery technology. The electric motor can do 0-60mph in only 2.8 seconds and potential top speeds of 236mph – faster than a McLaren P1 race car.

The vehicle, debuted at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, runs on state of the art flow cell batteries where chemical compounds (salts) are dissolved within two chambers and flow through a membrane between two electrodes. Ion exchange (when ion atoms are exchanged between two electrolyte solutions) occurs, providing an electrical charge.


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Sea water (with sodium chloride salt, a compound of the metal Sodium and halogen Chlorine) is an example of an electrolyte, but the NanoFlowCell technology is a bit more complex than those salt water car kits for kids – with the batteries actually containing a mixture of metal salts and other ingredients.

“Flow cell are chemical batteries that combine aspects of an electrochemical accumulator with those of a fuel cell. Liquid electrolytes circulate through two separate cells in which a ‘cold burning’ takes place, during which oxidation and reduction processes happen in parallel and therefore produce electrical power for the drive train”, explains NanoFlowCell.


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“The flow cell battery is a beacon of hope because it is an especially simple and effective storage medium for electrical energy”.

And after testing and inspection, the vehicle has been given the go-ahead to grace the roads of Germany and other European countries. Designed by inventor Nunzio La Vecchia, chief technical officer at Lichenstein-based NanoFlowCell AG living in Switzerland, the vehicle and technology could pave the way for a more green energy.

Source: Neon Nettle


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