The World’s Best Police Cars

The World's Best Police Cars

This is the new 2015 Dodge Charger police car. Not only does it look properly terrifying – monster front bull-bars, sinister projector-beam headlights and a streamlined silhouette – but, as a true American cop car should, it comes with a socking great V8.

You can, of course, get the Charger police car with the ‘Pentastar’ V6 (292bhp, 260lb ft torque), but any self-respecting US police force will want the V8 version. Specifically the 5.7-litre, HEMI-engined V8 with 370bhp, 390lb ft of torque and a 0-60mph time of less than six seconds.

Fast enough to give the majority of road-bound crims food for thought.Then there’s the reinforced RWD chassis, featuring performance suspension, load-levelling shocks, heavy duty brakes, stabiliser bars all round, 18-inch performance tyres, and – officially the Best Thing Ever – steel wheels.


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Inside you get, officer, a new seven-inch full-colour instrument cluster, police-spec front seats (to better hold officers’ belt-mounted gear and felon-absorbing waistlines) and the ability to customise your ride with the help of Mopar.

Sadly customisations don’t include multi-coloured grenade racks or machine guns in the headlights or oil slicks on the rear or revolving numberplates. Partly because it’s not 1964, and partly because Mopar isn’t run by five-year olds or Top Gear.

Rather, you get the option of bolstering the electrical performance of the car, add new graphics, ballistic door panels for the driver and passenger, and steel seat back inserts for the driver in case perps in the back become… agitated.

The World's Best Police Cars The World's Best Police Cars The World's Best Police Cars The World's Best Police Cars The World's Best Police Cars

Source: Top Gear


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