Dubai Grand Parade: Supercars, bikes and a procession of world records

Dubai Grand Parade: Supercars, bikes and a procession of world records

A fitting weekend curtain raiser to the festivities marking the 43rd National Day rolled through Dubai with dramatic flair last Friday.

Draped in a sea of UAE flags, the Meydan Motor Village reverberated with the powerful revs of 600 luxury cars as the Dubai Grand Parade was flagged off.

Earlier in the morning, the Dubai Motor Festival (DMF) is believed to have set a new Guinness World Record of the largest number of cars in a single motorcade with 58 automative marquees taking part in a mass convoy of supercars, classic automobiles and exotic cars.


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The automobile carnival was bursting with top brands, from Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati to Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, and Bugatti.

The convoy traced a 47-km route around all iconic landmarks of the city in three hours with excited onlookers greeting it everywhere before it ended at Meydan.

Residents along the parade route cheered on the car owners, giving the event a festive feel ahead of National Day.

Source: GulfNews


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