The Sights and Sounds of an Epic LA Supercar Meet

The Sights and Sounds of an Epic LA Supercar Meet

Every month, there’s an event held in Los Angeles called “Morning Octane”. But what makes this event different from most — other than the huge amount of supercars and exotics — is the venue in which it is held.

After getting off of the United States’ oldest freeway, the 110, one finds themselves in the parking lot of the famed Rose Bowl.


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I’ve been to plenty a football game at the Rose Bowl, but on a warm July morning, I ventured out to these hallowed grounds to enjoy a morning of cars and friends. And the turnout did NOT disappoint.

It was a showcase of some of the latest and greatest modern supercars, from the Enzo to the Aventador and much more. This video captures some of the highlights of the show, but keys mainly on the accelerations–and one more thing, that Honda Odyssey actually has 1,000 horsepower and was tuned by legendary Porsche tuner Bisimoto. Watch it all below:

Source: Bold Ride

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