Video: Lamborghini Winter Accademia Playing In The Snow

Video: Lamborghini Winter Accademia Playing In The Snow

Winter driving is a given for any AWD car around here. It doesn’t matter if the car wears a WRX, Carrera4, quattro or SH-AWD badge: if it is driven by its four wheels, it has to be able to perform when the snow piles up.

Usually a Lamborghini isn’t our first choice of ride when it’s time to choose a suitable winter chariot, but it seems as though the manufacturer insists on proving to us that its cars can handle ice and snow, since their driving academy offers a winter curriculum.

Students will learn the basics of driving a 600+ horsepower Italian supercar on limited-grip surfaces while flogging Aventadors and Huracans sideways. Two programs are available: Intensivo (intensive) and Avanzato (advanced). In the first one, teachers split the students into small groups depending on their skill level, and they then spend a day perfecting their winter-driving technique.


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As for the Avanzato program, it’s a more complete, two-day course. The first is pretty much the same as the Intensivo class, but the second day focuses more on the driver: each one gets one-on-one time with a professional driver, who will teach them proper brake control, weight transfer, the ideal racing line on a snowy track and customized instruction based on data collected during their drive.

Source: The Car Guide


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