Are Google And Apple Disrupting The Car Industry?

Are Google And Apply Disrupting The Car Industry?

Fiat-Chrysler boss Sergio Marchionne recently said that Google and Apple were “incredibly serious” about their automotive ambitions, and the traditional motor industry would be foolish to ignore them.

Sergio said their move into driverless technology and electric vehicles could be “disruptive” for manufacturers, but he also said that neither Google nor Apple should “underestimate carmakers’ ability to respond and adapt” to new competitive challenges.


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It is always a good thing when someone new wants to shake up the industry, he said, “but when you’re the guy whose life is being disrupted, it’s not necessarily a good feeling,” he added.

Apple has several hundred people working on a car project, called Titan. The company’s vast resources made it a potential tough competitor, although Mr Marchionne said he’d like to talk Apple about working on potential projects.

Driverless cars are all very well, but as Sergio said himself: “Why would you buy a Ferrari and not want to drive it?”

Do you think that Google and Apple could disrupt the car industry?

Source: BBC News


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