Video: Meet the M-Zero, India’s First Supercar

Video: Meet the M-Zero, India's First Supercar

Introducing Mean Metal Motors – an automotive start-up which is working on India’s first supercar. Called the M-Zero, it has 4 teams from 4 countries working on turning this dream in to reality.

While the teams in Portugal and Italy take care of body and styling, the UK team looks after the simulations and analysis. The remaining one i.e. the team in India, is responsible for the engine, transmission, aerodynamics, vehicle dynamics, electronics, and energy storage systems.

The M-Zero will get a light-weight carbon-fibre monocoque tub chassis, which will give provide the required rigidity. Though it will be designed by these folks at Mean Metal Motors, it will then be given to various parts manufacturers for production.


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About the engine – it will be a parallel hybrid mid-engined supercar. Sarthak Paul, founder and director, said they’re planning on getting either a 4.0-litre AMG V8 bi-turbo or the 4.8-litre NA V10, though the procurement process is yet to be initiated. Sarthak adds that they are targeting the 500+bhp mark for the power output.

Since this is a parallel hybrid supercar, there will be an electric motor involved. The electric motor will be capable of producing approximately 250bhp, which, in turn, will give the M-Zero a combined power tally of 750+bhp. The total torque developed will be 900Nm.

Mean Metal Motors is currently looking for funds, and intends to raise $7 million in the first round of funding, which will help them make their first prototype. The manufacturing facility, sadly, will not be in India but in a Scandinavian country. Also, the market they’re looking at is Europe.

Source: NDTV

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