Ultimate GTI supercar hits GT6 world

Ultimate GTI supercar hits GT6 world

Volkswagen, the inventor of the GTI, has launched the latest descendant of the original hot hatch on the digital race circuit.

Gran Turismo 6 fans can now download the VW GTI Supersport, a 370kW digital supercar. A 635Nm VR6 TSI, seven-speed double-clutch transmission and 4Motion all-wheel drive take the virtual Veedub from 0-100km in 3.6 seconds and on to more than 300km/h.


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The basic shape is still a two-box hatch, but it’s been lowered, widened and body-kitted for a radical stance, with lots of carbon-fibre components to lower the centre of gravity and raise its power-to-weight ratio to hair-raising 295kW per ton.

Wide body flares provide homes for the special 20-inch alloys and ventilation ducts for the rear brakes, while a big roof-edge spoiler and rear diffuser deliver the downforce for fast lap-times.

Download it to your Playstation in silver, red, blue or white – and don’t be surprised if you see something very similar ‘in the metal’ at the Worthersee GTI-Treffen gathering in May 2015.

Source: IOL Motoring

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