Explore Singapore in an Uber supercar

Explore Singapore in an Uber supercar

In cities such as London and New York, the taxi app Uber has already radically altered the local transport network. In the former, black-cab drivers have blocked the streets in protest against the app; in the latter, Uber services are more prolific than the city’s iconic yellow cabs.

Now the service is set to make its mark on the roadways of Singapore too, but in an entirely different way. In place of the Priuses that are most associated with the service elsewhere, Uber users in the city can now have the option of booking supercars for their journeys.


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Upon requesting “supercar” on the app, it will be possible for customers to request that either a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder or Maserati GranTurismo Coupe takes them to their destination. For now the cars are being made available on a trial basis, until May 20, in collaboration with local company Dream Drive.

Efficient though public transport options in the city are, the service is likely to prove popular with tourists who wish to explore the city in an unconventional way. The base fare to travel by Lamborghini is $200 (£100), which also covers the first 15 minutes of passengers’ journeys; a $7 (£3.50) charge will be applied for each additional minute in the car. For those travelling by Maserati, the base far is $165 (£82), which again includes the first 15 minutes of travel and is subject to an additional $7 charge per subsequent minute in transit.

Source: The Telegraph

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