Video: Supercar Wedding Turns into Traffic Burnout Show

Video: Supercar Wedding Turns into Traffic Burnout Show

The idea of a supercar wedding is difficult to implement without things getting out of control at least a little bit. However, a group of drivers in Germany recently turned the event into a traffic burnout show, fully smoking their tires in the middle of city traffic.

Below is some footage that shows just how far things were taken on pedestrian and vehicle-flooded public roads.

Among the cars attending this wedding, we find a feast of previous-generation go-fast machines. This includes a BMW M6 Cabriolet with a serious G-Power supercharger tune, a BMW M3, as well as a Corvette Z06 and a Porsche 911 Turbo.


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However, the one who seems to be responsible for most of the chaos is the driver of a BMW E36 Cabriolet. Perhaps in an attempt to keep up with the big boys, the man roasts the rear tires on multiple occasions, bringing a serious threat to the cars and people that happened to be on the street at that time.

While other cars at the wedding pull little slides or do shorter burnouts, this guy insists on making himself noticed from a mile away. Unfortunately, he succeeds and he does so with the roof folded, so that everybody can see him.

Truth be told, it’s curious how nobody alerted the police, as it seems that the traffic-crashing wedding attenders got away with it.

Source: AutoEvolution

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