Man Utd and Arsenal ‘like supercars’

Man Utd and Arsenal 'like supercars'

A survey of 1,000 Premier League football fans asked the question: ‘If your team was a car, what kind of car would it be?’ Manchester United and Arsenal fans think their teams resemble supercars more than any other type of car.

In the Europcar survey only the red half of Manchester and Gunners fans said ‘supercar’ more often than any other type of car, with 32% of United and 27% of Arsenal fans giving that answer.

Chelsea fans, despite enjoying their recent league success, compared their team most commonly to a ‘sports car’. Manchester City fans made the same comparison, along with Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur supporters.


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Relegated Queen’s Park Rangers seems to have extremely loyal and dedicated fans, with ‘sports car’ their most common answer even in the light of an awful season.

At the other end of the scale, Hull City and Newcastle United supporters showed their malcontent by likening their teams to a ‘city runaround’.

West Brom followers compared the Baggies to an estate, while Crystal Palace, Sunderland, Stoke City, Aston Villa and Everton fans all picked a middle-ranking saloon as the best fit for that team.


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Even after being relegated along with QPR, Burnley was likened to a convertible by 36% of its fans. The same went for 28% of Southampton supporters, 24% of Swansea devotees and 21% of those supporting Leicester.

“It’s intriguing to see the different car types to which football fans liken their clubs”, said Ken McCall, Managing Director of Europcar UK Group, before adding a slice of shameless self-promotion.

“But whichever type they choose, there’s plenty of choice of the complete range of car makes and models at Europcar for any fans wanting to emulate their team.”

Source: Yahoo

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