How to terrify an anxious aunt – drive your McClaren supercar ‘at 120mph’ through residential streets

How to terrify an anxious aunt - drive your McClaren supercar 'at 120mph' through residential streets

This is the moment the man behind a wheel of a McClaren supercar allegedly rocketed to 120mph through a residential street to terrify his aunt.

Joseph Cosgrove filmed himself and his relative – who was not named – riding in the MP4-12C model car.

After warning his anxious aunt that ‘you might get a little scared’, Cosgrove slams on the accelerator in the 616 horsepower machine, which sells for around $240,000.

In the footage, he claims that within two seconds the vehicle had gone from 20mph to 120mph.


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Tree-lined streets with family homes flit by as he roars down the road, next to his screaming aunt, who covers her mouth in terror.

Shortly after slowing down to regular speed, he passes a speed limit signed marked 45mph.

In the aftermath of the high-speed ride, his aunt breathes heavily and chastises her nephew.

She says: ‘Joseph! Joseph, I don’t even like scary rides! I need a Xanax or something.’

It is not clear where Cosgrove, who lives in Modesta, California, was while he was driving.

Source: Daily Mail

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