China jails two ‘Fast & Furious’ supercar drivers

China jails two 'Fast & Furious' supercar drivers

A court has sentenced two young men to up to five months in jail for dangerous driving after they crashed a Lamborghini and a Ferrari in a late-night car chase through Beijing.

Pictures of the high-performance cars’ mangled wreckage in a tunnel in the Chinese capital provoked intense public interest, especially when police announced the men were unemployed.

The Chaoyang District Court in Beijing found Tang Wentian, 21, and Yu Muchun, 20, guilty of dangerously operating motor vehicles, a court statement said.

Tang was sentenced to five months in prison and fined 10,000 yuan ($1,600), while Yu was jailed for four months and given an 8,000 yuan fine.


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The court statement said both men indicated they would not appeal.

The official news agency Xinhua described the accident last month as the result of a “real-life ‘Fast and Furious’ drag race in downtown Beijing”.

The court said Tang’s green Lamborghini reached speeds of over 179 kilometres (111 miles) per hour and that Yu’s red Ferrari went over 165kph (102mph) in their race on the rainy night of April 11.

Reckless driving is not uncommon within the district, with more than 110 cases filed so far this year, most of which involve use of alcohol and men in their 20s and 30s, the court said.

Source: The Telegraph

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