Knightsbridge car parking space on sale for more than the price of luxury ‘supercar’

Knightsbridge car parking space on sale for more than the price of luxury 'supercar'

At first glance a prime piece of real estate in Knightsbridge for nearly £400,000 seems to be something of a bargain. That is until you realise it is for a car parking space only.

The space boasts 24 hour security, valet service and an “exceptional chauffeur lounge”, but at £390,000 it costs more than most of the super cars you would presumably put on it.

The space, which fits up to three cars, was first advertised on Rightmove last February so the price tag might be putting off a few punters, but if it is a bit steep, letting agents Foxtons has two smaller alternatives on sale for the comparative bargains of £210,000 and £132,000.


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It is in the exclusive Kingston House estate in Ennismore Gardens, which was dubbed one of “the most expensive streets in Britain” by the Daily Mail in 2011 with the average house being worth £3,345,000.

And its not the only bit of prime vehicular real estate on offer on Rightmove at the moment. Another choice on offer is a space in the Knightsbridge Apartments development which is on the market for £325,000.

But if that is still a little too pricey there is another spot in the Knightsbridge on the market for a steal at £250,000.

Source: The Independent

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The Heat: A Mobile 5-Star Luxury Hotel

The Heat: A Mobile 5-Star Luxury Hotel


Want to experience all the luxury which a 5-star hotel can provide but won’t something more mobile? Well the following truck-hotel known as ‘The Heat’ is the perfect solution for actors, singers, business executives and any one which can afford to hire the unique hotel-on-wheels.

The Heat features 360-degree, 24/7 video surveillance and security and has been used in a selection of movie sets in the past.


This number plate is for sale – click the image for details


It includes a prominent master bedroom, a couple of restrooms and showers, a complete kitchen as well as a selection of leather couches and marble benches.

One of the key differences between The Heat and many high-end motorhomes on the market is that it features two levels with the upper half featuring windows instead of more traditional walls.

The Heat: A Mobile 5-Star Luxury Hotel


The Heat: A Mobile 5-Star Luxury Hotel The Heat: A Mobile 5-Star Luxury Hotel

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The 3 most expensive cribs owned by Indian CEO’s

Buying expensive houses is one way of flaunting money and CEO’s are no exception. The elegant homes of Indian CEO’s include all luxurious amenities, which one can only dream off. The extravagant lifestyle of these CEO’s reflects in their properties they possess. Below is the list of most expensive homes of Indian CEO’s:

03: Anil Ambani

 Anil Ambani - Anil Ambani - Indian CEO - portrait photoIt seems like Ambani brothers are in competition of displaying their wealth. Anil Ambani is constructing a house worth 5000 crore in Mumbai’s Pali Hill area, where he has already bought 1537 square meters of land. Although, Anil has got permission to increase the height of the building upto 66 meters, but he wishes to increase the height to at least 150 meters. He is all set to compete with his elder brother Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia, worth 4500 crore.

02: Ratan Tata’s Mansion

Ratan Tatas - Indian CEO - mansionRatan Tata, the ex-chairman of Tata Group owns an elegant sea-facing house at Colaba, Mumbai. The three-storied house is separated by seven levels along with an infinity pool at the top of the Mansion. The 13,350 square foot of property has all the facilities that usually a billionaire’s house has, including sun deck, parking space for 10-12 cars, media room, swimming pool, lounge and gym, among others. One interesting fact about the Mansion is that each floor includes two levels.

1: Mukesh Ambani’s Antilia

Mukesh Ambanis Antilia - Billion dollar homeIndia’s billion-dollar mansion Antilia belongs to Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries. This palatial abode is the personal home of Mukesh Ambani. This famous 400,000 square foot residential building needs no introduction it is as iconic as its owner.

Although, Antilia is 27-floor high, yet some ceilings are of double heights, it looks closer to the size of a 40-floor building. Features that distinguish this house from the others include health spa, parking space for 168 cars, multiple swimming pools, a yoga studio, nine elevators in the lobby, a floor with vehicle maintenance facility, three helipads, health spa, ballroom, a 50-seater movie theatre and lush green hanging gardens. And, the cost of the home is about $2 billion, as estimated by Forbes, most expensive in the world so far.

Mukesh Ambanis Antilia - Billion dollar homeMukesh Ambanis Antilia - Billion dollar home

Mukesh Ambanis Antilia - Billion dollar home


Mukesh Ambanis Antilia - Billion dollar home

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