Mr Bean sells his £8million McLaren F1 supercar

Mr Bean sells his £8million McLaren F1 supercar

Rowan Atkinson, the Mr Bean actor, bought his beloved McLaren in 1997 for around £640,000 – making a tidy £7.3m profit on the motor.

It may be 18 years old having covered 41,000 miles and been involved in two almighty crashes, but that has not deterred a petrol head from splashing out £8million on a prized McLaren F1 supercar belonging to Rowan Atkinson.

This makes it one of the highest prices ever forked out for a car in the UK, with only 1960s Ferraris tending to fetch more. It commanded the lucrative fee despite Atkinson, a car fanatic, crashing it twice.


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The 60-year-old first pranged the three-seater by ploughing into the back of a Rover Metro on the A6 at Forton, Lancashire, in October 1999.

Then in 2011 he lost control on a slippery bend of the A605 near Peterborough and smashed into a tree.

He escaped from the wreckage with a broken shoulder, but most of the car was destroyed, while the 6.1litre engine ended up 60 feet away.

That second crash ended in what is thought to be Britain’s highest ever single car insurance payout, with the vehicle costing £900,000 to be rebuilt by McLaren. It also put up his annual insurance to an estimated £60,000.


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But it seems the accidents may have actually added to the value of the F1, which was one of only 64 ever built. Atkinson put it on the market for £8million with specialist car dealer Taylor & Crawley, owned by David Clark, formerly a director at McLaren.

Mr Clark confirmed the car with the ‘interesting history’ had now been sold. He said: ‘Everyone is very pleased with the sale. There was interest from around the world and it has gone to a British buyer who will drive it like Rowan did.

‘It is one of the biggest ever deals in the UK. Rowan is pleased, but also maybe a bit sad as he did 40,000 miles in it.’

Source: Daily Mail

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F1 Stunt Atop Dubai’s Burj Al Arab

Red Bull stage F1 car stunt atop Dubai's Burj Al Arab

Formula One team Red Bull Racing has wowed the entire world once again with an incredibly daring stunt atop the Burj Al Arab. Infiniti Red Bull Racing’s 750bhp F1 car became the first ever to run atop the Burj Al Arab helipad, just 24 metres wide and 210m above the sea, on a helipad 24 metres wide. Talk about vertigo.

Red Bull stage F1 car stunt atop Dubai's Burj Al Arab

The act, described as a spectacular show of burning rubber, was in celebration of the team clinching the Formula One Drivers’ and Constructors’ World Championships at the F1 Airtel Indian Grand Prix, its fourth consecutive title.


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Driver David Coulthard was behind the wheel performing stunts in full spin against a stunning backdrop of the Arabian Gulf overlooking scenic views of Dubai’s skyline.

Red Bull stage F1 car stunt atop Dubai's Burj Al ArabSeconds after completing donuts in the car, Coulthard said: “That was a lot of fun. When Red Bull first suggested the idea to me I said ‘why not?’. I like getting involved with anything that pushes the boundaries and it’s what Red Bull stands for.”


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He added: “I think this will produce fantastic, iconic shots in an amazing town and I’m really privileged to be part of it.” To watch the video, click here.

Red Bull stage F1 car stunt atop Dubai's Burj Al Arab

Businessman Turns Down £6m Offer For Number Plate

F1 Number Plate

Businessman Afzal Kahn first bought his ‘F1’ number plate back in 2008 for £440,000, which you might already think is a considerable sum. However Kahn was recently offered £6m for it, which is a 1250% increase in value in just 5 years. He turned it down.

So “why on earth didn’t he take the money?” I hear you ask. “However good the ‘F1’ plate looks on his £1m 16-cylinder Bugatti Veyron, surely everyone has their price.” Well, you may be onto something. Maybe Mr Khan is holding out for a bigger offer, one closer to the £7.1m allegedly paid for the ‘1’ plate in 2008.

F1 Plate

Or perhaps Mr Kahn simply doesn’t need the money. He is a highly successful business owner after all, with his own private plate collection. It has been said that he is enjoying the publicity over his refusal to part with his favourite plate.

If you can believe it, the ‘F1’ plate was originally partnered with aVolvo S80! If you owned the ‘F1’ plate, what car would you want to go with it?

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