Hetain Patel’s Real Life Ford Fiesta Transformer

Hetain Patel's Transformer

British artist Hetain Patel has turned a Ford Fiesta identical to his first car into a real life transformer! A 1988 Fiesta was given to him when he turned 17 by his Indian parents and years later Patel sourced a similar vehicle for this work of art (or awesomeness, whatever you want to call it.)

This is in stark contrast to the usual high-powered sports cars which transform into powerful warriors in the popular Transformers franchise. Not only is this a small and inexpensive Ford Fiesta, but Patel has transformed it into a human-like figure calmly squatting.


He says: “This posture is a recurring image in my work and forges a link between the lower classes in India and my immigrant family in the U.K, both of whom sit comfortably this way. Naturally this introduces a tension in this sculpture between the seemingly submissive nature of the squat and in this case, it’s oddly larger than life scale.”

He created this sculpture together with his father, whose day job is to convert cars into hearses and limousines, and brother, an engineer and fellow Transformers enthusiast. The rear wheels have been turned into feet and the doors have been cut in half to form the creation’s long arms.

The Ford Fiesta Transformer has since been moved to France, where it will be displayed at the Galleria Continua until December 22. Watch this amazing time lapse video showing how the work of art/awesomeness was made:

Fiesta Transformer 1988-2013 from Hetain Patel on Vimeo.