007 Number Plate Sells For £240k At Auction

007 Number Plate Sells For £240k At Auction

A licence plate with the code number of Ian Fleming’s heroic spy, James Bond, has sold at auction for what is thought to be a record amount.

The Guernsey plate, 007, sold for £240,000, believed to be the most paid at a public auction in Guernsey.

The winning bidder of the number only plate wants to remain anonymous.

The sum falls short of the UK record of £518,000, but exceeded the expectation of auctioneers on the evening who estimated the value at £60,000.

It was a new issue States of Guernsey plate which feature white numerals on a black background.


This number plate is for sale – click the image for details

One bidder, who withdrew at £200,000, dropped out as he was concerned there could be copyright problems from the producers of the James Bond film franchise, Eon Productions.

He did not want to be named but said: “I’ve got an Aston Martin and if I was seen to be promoting that reg, maybe renting it out for the day, over time I could make the cost back.

“When it got over £200,000 I realised there could be a risk that Eon Productions could come after me.”

Actor Daniel Craig will reprise his role as the superspy in the upcoming 24th official James Bond film, spectre in October.

James Bond has driven a number of cars, but the most famous is the silver grey Aston Martin DB5, first seen in Goldfinger.

007 Number Plate Sells For £240k At Auction

Source: BBC Guernsey

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Tesla’s Electric Supercar Has A Hidden ‘James Bond’ Mode

Tesla's Electric Supercar Has A Hidden 'James Bond' Mode

Elon Musk likes James Bond, so much so that he spent $1m on the famous Lotus Esprit that converts into a submarine.

Well to pay true homage to his favourite car the billionaire entrepreneur hid a rather special easter egg within the software for the Tesla Model S.

First buy a £49,900 Tesla Model S. Then press and hold the ‘Tesla’ button at the top of the giant display panel and you’ll be asked to enter an access code. Simply enter ‘007’ and then go to the Suspension settings page.


This number plate is for sale – click the image for details

What was at one point a picture of your Model S is now a side view of the iconic Lotus. Oh and the ride height switch? That’s been changed to Depth (Leagues) of which there are two options for 10,000 or 20,000.

It goes without saying that this is all kinds of excellent. Tesla didn’t have to include the easter egg, in much the same way that the Model S sound system doesn’t have to go all the way up to ’11’ but it does, and that’s what matters.

Tesla aren’t the only company to include neat easter eggs in their products. Google’s Chromebook Pixel will delight you with a light show if you input the ‘Konami Code’ into the keyboard while Apple Maps in London now features a Big Ben that shows the real time and a London Eye that actually spins.

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Source: Huffington Post

Aston Martin Revives Lagonda Badge on Supercar for Middle East

Aston Martin Revives Lagonda Badge on Supercar for Middle East

Aston Martin Lagonda, the British maker of cars featured in James Bond movies, will introduce a limited-edition, high-end sedan in 2015 designed solely for customers in the Middle East.

The bespoke car will revive the Lagonda nameplate, taking design cues from a classic 1976 car while featuring modern lightweight carbon-fiber body panels, Gaydon, England-based Aston Martin said in a statement.


This number plate is for sale – click the image for details

The sedan’s debut “will be an exciting moment not only for Aston Martin, but for discerning customers who are seeking the ultimate in luxury and personalization,” design director Marek Reichman said in the statement. The model “has been created as a piece of exceptional automotive art.”

The Lagonda supercar, which follows two special edition models exclusively offered in North America, will be available by invitation only, the company said. Prices will reflect “the car’s exclusivity, quality and luxurious nature.”

Source: Driving

James Bond Submarine Car Up For Auction

James Bond Submarine Car

Remember the submarine car from The Spy Who Loved Me? Well it’s going up for auction after it was accidentally bought for $100 in a blind storage sale (think Storage Hunters), much to the delight of the buyer! The custom built Lotus Esprit Series 1 from the 1977 James Bond film is going to be sold as part of RM Auction’s London sale in early September.

The car, affectionately nicknamed ‘Wet Nellie’ on set, is a fully operational, self-propelled submarine. It was built by Perry Oceanographic for the 007 film and cost around £65,000 back in 1977, which is probably about £300,000 today. It was originally driven by retired Navy Seal Don Griffin, who operated it using motorised propellers whilst manoeuvring with levered steering mechanisms.

In the film starring Roger Moore as the British spy, James Bond uses it to dive under water and escape a pursuing helicopter before launching a missile from under water to destroy the helicopter hovering above the surface. Pretty cool, huh?

James Bond Submarine Car

After filming was complete, the submarine car was shipped to the Bahamas and kept in a storage unit for an entire decade. It’s said that when the contract ran out, nobody claimed the contents. The storage container was put up for blind auction in 1989 and bought for only $100.

Apparently the unsuspecting buyers didn’t realise what it was until several days after they won the bid when friends told them it was a Bond car, so they rented the film to find out. Several years later, the buyers were contacted by the co-founder of the Ian Fleming Foundation and the car was authenticated as the real deal.

It is expected to fetch in excess of $1 million at auction according to experts. How much would you pay for this iconic piece of history? Or perhaps if you are a James Bond but don’t quite fancy a submarine car, this 007 number plate is currently for sale and the buyer is open to offers.

X007JAT James Bond Number Plate

X007JAT James Bond Number Plate For Sale