Update On The First Arab Supercar

LykanHypersport 2

Last week we told you about the very first Arab Supercar, which costs $3.4 million and has diamond-encrusted headlights. Today we have an exciting update – this will be the first car in history from the Arab world to be used in one of the biggest Hollywood productions!

A confidentiality clause doesn’t allow the film in which the Hypersport will be used to be named, but it’s fair to say that whoever owns the first Lykan Hypersport 2014 will also have a priceless piece of film history.

Ralph R. Debbas, CEO and Managing Director of the Lebanese car manufacturers W Motors has been speaking to XPRESS about the Supercar…

“We moved our offices to Dubai at the beginning of this year. The design centre is here, the office, engineering are all based here and next year we are moving the factory here as well from Italy. Now that we have built our first car, we know how to do it. We can proudly say that the company is 100 per cent Arab.”

“The factory will be operational in Dubai by 2014. We will start with assembly, and within three years see the full production of the Hypersport and the Supersport category.”


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“I wanted to do something different than other manufacturers. So the idea was to create something new, something even more exclusive, more luxurious and more technologically advanced than anything in the market.”

“It took us many years to set up this company up and today we have 18 companies involved in our project. Each one of them helps us with a different component and ensures that every element in the car is made by the best expert in the world.”

“The project started with a dream and now its a reality. It’s an achievement in the automobile industry as we have managed to bring these all these companies together to work our project. We have about 185 people working on it day and night, and that’s an incredible achievement.”


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“Dubai is the capital of luxury. Everyone here wants to do something bigger and better and our car fits the idea. It’s the most luxurious, advanced and the most expensive car. We want to base ourselves here and want everyone to come here, internationally or locally, and help build this car.”

For the first time in history a car made in the Arab world will be used in arguably the biggest Hollywood production right here,” he added.

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