Personalised number plates: the top 10 most expensive ever

Personalised number plates: the top 10 most expensive ever

While some might not see the appeal, personalised number plates can have great significance to many UK motorists who see them as an essential fashion accessory for their car.

The UK’s love affair with personalised registration plates has seen prices of particularly interesting or cherished plates soar in recent times. The DVLA estimates that over £2billion in tax revenue has been raised at its various plate auctions in the UK in the last 25 years.

They point out that it only takes one or two people to take interest in a specific UK licence plate for bids to explode, with determined enthusiasts letting their hearts rule their heads in the auction room.


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Plates aren’t always profitable though. Recently, the much-lauded plate ‘250 C’ came up for auction and was expected to sell for over £500,000, yet the bids only went up to £21,500 on the day of the auction.

The number plate’s estimated value was based on its apparent reference to Ferrari’s classic 250 GT California, an example of which was bought by DJ Chris Evans for over £5million.

It was thought that a wealthy Ferrari 250 owner would snap-up the registration but the predicted bidding war did not emerge.

Sometimes UK number plate prices really do go through the roof. Below are the ten UK licence plates that have hit the highest prices…

1. ’25 O’: £518,000
The priciest ever sold by the DVLA, bought by Ferrari dealer John Collins in 2014. The plate is now thought to take pride of place on a Ferrari 250SWB once owned by Eric Clapton, worth around £10million.
2. ‘F 1’: £440,000
The previous record holder, the initials of Formula 1 were bought by Bradford businessman Afzal Khan in 2008. The digits were then assigned to his McLaren-Mercedes SLR.
3. ‘S 1’: £404,000
Claimed to be Scotland’s first ever number plate, it was bought back in 2008 by an anonymous bidder who claimed the digits would be fixed to an old Skoda!
4. ‘1 D’: £352,000
Despite the obvious reference to the pop group sensation One Direction, this plate was bought a year before their formation in Warwickshire by Lebanese businessman Nabil Bishara.
5. ‘M 1’: £331,000
Bought in 2006 by mobile phone businessman Mike McCoomb who claimed it was for his 10 year-old son!
6. ‘VIP 1’: £285,000
Owned by billionaire Chelsea FC boss Roman Abramovich, it was once placed on the Popemobile for His Holiness’ visit to Ireland.
7. ’51 NGH’: £254,000
A popular name in the Sikh community, ‘Singh’ was sold in the UK in 2006.
8. ‘1 RH’: £247,000
This plate sold in 2006 for 30 times its estimate to determined businessman Robert Harverson.
9. ‘K1 NGS’: £231,000
A royal plate believed to have been bought by an an Arab Sultan in 1993.
10. ‘1 O’: £170,000
Just a binary number and the letter ‘O’, this minimalist plate was purchased in Northamptonshire in 2009.

Source: Auto Express

Supercar Dating Website Promotes “High Octane” Passion

Supercar Dating Website Promotes “High Octane” Passion

If you’re part of the 1% who owns a high-performance vehicle but not a significant other, a UK-based social media and supercar dating website claims to have what you need: partners who “share passion for high octane experiences.”

Its slogan? “Test Drive Your Date.”

Calling itself the “world’s first wealthy dating social and networking club exclusively for Supercar/High Performance Car owners and Fine Living Companions,” $upercar Dating is a UK-based website for wealthy auto enthusiasts who need a little romantic assistance. After all, finding true love (or a good time without strings attached) can be difficult for the ultra-wealthy.


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The site was started by a young Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster owner looking to connect auto afficianados through $upercar Dating and $upercar Circle (social networking) services. It’s currently open to UK and EU residents and supercar owners only, but will expand to North America, Australia, and Russia once the site launches in 2015.

While the supercar dating site is dedicated to owners of Lamborghinis, Porsches, Ferrarris, Bugattis, Lotuses, and so forth, those looking to enjoy wealth are still encouraged to enroll as a “Fine Living Companion” (yes, that’s the official name). These members don’t have to own a supercar but can only participate in the social network via special invitation. Not just anyone can enjoy the organized date parties which include Michelin fine dining and private track days.


This number plate is for sale – click the image for details

It’s difficult to ignore the gut reaction to $upercar Dating as a place for people with too much money and not enough social skills, but it’s probably difficult for the wealthy to date without fear of gold-diggers, Fiat Multipla drivers, and those who prefer being chauffeured around. Why shouldn’t they get an equal shot, just like sea captains and crazy cat people do?

And a love of lavish cars is trait we certainly endorse.

Supercar Dating Website Promotes “High Octane” Passion

Source: The News Wheel

Historic British Brand Lister Teases New ‘Hypercar’

Historic British Brand Lister Teases New ‘Hypercar’

Earlier this year we received news about the revival of historic British brand Lister, a brand that dates back to the 1950s and produced a supercar called the Storm during the early ‘90s.

Originally, the revived Lister was to produce recreations of the brand’s famous ‘Knobbly’ racing car, campaigned by drivers such as Stirling Moss in the ’50s, but it appears it will launch some modern cars as well, including possibly a new ‘hypercar.’


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Yes, the modern Lister, led by Lawrence Whittaker and his son Andrew, have announced plans to launch a high-end performance model that it says will return the brand to the “leading edge of low-volume sports car manufacturing in the U.K. as well as Asia and North America.”

The project is still at a very early stage but these teaser sketches show that the design of the new Lister will be influenced by the previous Storm supercar, of which 90 were built for road use and a handful more for GT racing.


This number plate is for sale – click the image for details

Lister says the new car will have a price tag of £2 million (approximately $3.2 million), putting it into the same category as the world’s most potent supercars—at least in terms of pricing—such as those from Bugatti and Koenigsegg. In other words, it’s going to need world-beating performance.

The company is currently seeking investors for the new project.

Historic British Brand Lister Teases New ‘Hypercar’

Source: Motor Authority

Need For Speed Hits UK Cinemas

Need for Speed

Need for Speed, based on the world’s top-selling racing video game, recently hit UK cinemas. We’re hearing mixed reviews – it seems to be quite unpopular with UK critics but a big hit with car enthusiasts and fans of the video game.

In the first act, three guys – brooding speedster Tobey Marshall, his cute greasemonkey Pete and the rich bad guy Dino Brewster – race identical cars down the highways of Mount Kisco, N.Y.

When Dino realizes he’s about to lose the race, he back-ends Pete’s car, which takes flight, hits a light pole on a bridge, bursts into flames and crashes in the river below.


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Need for Speed is the first lead role in a wide release for Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, who originally auditioned for the Dino role but ended up with the lead role of Tobey Marshall.

Need for Speed is also going up against its own video game, which has sold something like 150 million units over its 20-year span.

But video races, even with the viewer at the digital wheel, can’t compete with a movie version of the real thing, executed by insane geniuses who put their lives on the line so you can pretend to risk yours.

Here’s the official trailer:

Wealthy Asians Choose Classic Cars

Wealthy Asians Choose Classic Cars

It has emerged that wealthy Asians are choosing classic cars over gold and property. Thanks to rising demand from wealthy Asians, classic cars such as Ferraris, Bugattis and Bentleys soared by 28 per cent in value in the year to June, outstripping gold, art and luxury London property.

Most collectors buy because they are passionate about old cars, but many are well aware of their rising value and buy accordingly. Over the past three to four years, values for older classic motor cars at auction or in dealer and private sales have bucked the global recession, proving a prudent investment..


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“It’s an asset class that’s very rare and it’s very aspirational,” said Andrew Shirley, editor of the report. “A lot of Asian high net worth individuals have acquired classic cars…They keep them in their garage in the UK or Europe and they come over and drive them in rallies.”

However the classic car market has always been difficult to play. In 2007 banker Dietricj Hatlapa creative the first authoritative independent index, which now covers 50 cars worth at least £100,000, each with only 1,000 examples built and all with an established collector community. The index shows values racing up 16 per cent in 2012.


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According to Mohammad Syed, head of strategic solutions at Coutts private bank, the non-financial rewards of owning a classic car are many. “The sector has bragging rights. Anyone can buy, or have purpose-built, a super-yacht, a big estate or a private jet, but you can’t replicate a unique historic car with provenance. This is something that no amount of wealth can recreate.”

He says the super wealthy want something unique which gives them access to exclusive events and social circles. For example, LVMH hosts an invitation-only car rally for high-end collectors. Other examples of strictly invitation-only events are the Pierre Corthay/Rothschild car run and the Concours of Elegance at Windsor Castle, which features 60 of the rarest motor cars in the world.


Asians Biggest Lovers Of Gadgets And Technology

Asians Love Gadgets And Technology

New research from Ofcom has revealed that ethnic minorities are the biggest fans in the UK when it comes to gadgets and technology!

37% of ethnic minorities say they love gadgets as compared to 30% of the British population as a whole, and they are also more likely to say that it’s important for their homes to be equipped with the latest technology (32% compared to 20%). This rises to almost half (47%) in the Asian Indian group.


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Mobile phones are generally more important to people in ethnic minority groups than the wider British population. More than half of the Mixed Ethnic (57%), Asian Pakistani (58%), Asian Bangladeshi (57%), Black African (56%) and Asian Indian (54%) groups say they could not do without their mobile phones, compared with 43% of the British population. In the Asian Bangladeshi group, one in five (20%) claims to have at least five mobile phones in their households, compared with 5% of the British population. Ethnic minorities are also more likely to spend more money per month on their phones.


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Most ethnic minority groups are more likely to have a broadband connection at home, particularly among the Asian Indian group (82% compared with 71% of the British population).

However, those in the Asian Indian group are less likely to own a TV and watch TV than the British population as a whole. Eighty-two per cent of Asian Indian people say they own a TV and 93% say that they watch TV, compared with 96% and 99% of the British population respectively. Also Listening to the radio is generally less popular among ethnic minority groups, with 40% of Asian Bangladeshis tuning in weekly, compared with 79% of the British population.

Source: Asian Image