Back to the Future-themed V8 Supercar for Gold Coast 600

Back to the Future-themed V8 Supercar for Gold Coast 600

The No. 6 V8 Supercar is going to look a little different when it hits the streets of Surfers Paradise in Australia for this weekend’s Gold Coast 600, Prodrive Racing turning it into a ‘time machine’ in honour of the iconic film franchise Back to the Future.

Wednesday 21 October, 2015 is the date that Doc and Marty McFly arrive in the future in the second film of the trilogy, and to mark the date Prodrive have taken the wraps off a Ford V8 Supercar that has been suitably modified to mimic the DeLorean that is the star of the movie.


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Complete with gull-wing doors, flux capacitor, ‘Mr Fusion’ device and DeLorean-esque stainless steel paintwork, the machine will also ditch its Pepsi Max backing for the weekend to run in the colours of ‘Pepsi Perfect’, the cola brand that appears in the film.

The team revealed the machine in a short film starring drivers Mark Winterbottom and Chaz Mostert, paying tribute to the trilogy.

“This is without doubt one of the best activations I’ve seen in nearly 30 years in the motorsport industry,” Tim Edwards, Prodrive team principal, said.

“The lengths the entire team have gone to in order to prepare the car are just fantastic. Every department has played some role and the finished product looks amazing on the big screen and in the flesh.”

The project kept Prodrive’s fabrication shop busy, the modifying the car’s standard doors into gas-powered gull-wing doors.


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“We were surprised when we were asked to turn our Ford V8 Supercar into a DeLorean time machine but once we worked out what we needed to achieve, it became a real passion project for everyone involved in preparing the car,” Ben Cockerell, leader of the team’s fabrication shop, said.

“Modifying and making the gull-wing doors without changing the car was a big challenge. Making them look like they were actually part of the car was the hardest part so I hope our fans and fans of the movie appreciate how much effort has gone into this car.”

While all the time-machine hardware is strictly for the show car, the real No. 6 Pepsi Perfect Ford Falcon will hit the track in the hands of Cameron Waters and supersub Russell Ingall for practice on Friday.

Source: FoxSports

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14-year-old races V8 Supercar

14-year-old races V8 Supercar

Alex Rullo

They may be far too young to drive a car on the road, but Alex Rullo and Jake Kostecki lived out a teenage fantasy last weekend by racing a V8 Supercar.

Rullo, 14, and Kostecki, 15, raced in the opening round of the Kumho Tyre Australian V8 Touring Car Series at Sandown Park, part of the opening event of the Shannons Nationals series.

While the heroes of the V8 Supercars Championship tackle Symmons Plains in the newest and finest machinery, the Kumho Series is made up of cars that are part of the championship’s rich history but no longer eligible to race in either the main series or the second-tier Dunlop Series.


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The car Kostecki piloted is one of Craig Lowndes’s old Team Vodafone Falcons, while Rullo raced an ex-Ford Performance Racing Falcon.

Although both are some years off being eligible for a road licence, they have done their time at the racetrack and satisfied all of the requirements to earn a racing licence.

Jake Kostecki.

Jake Kostecki

Kostecki had been set to make his debut in the series last year, but was unable to get his licence signed off in time.

Both Kostecki and Rullo have raced extensively in junior categories, the former in karts and production cars, while the latter has already raced a V8.

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Source: Fox Sports

The start-up that’s built a supercar

The start-up that’s built a supercar


This is the Vencer Sarthe, a £250,000 supercar conceived by a former plumber from Holland. That may not sound too promising, says Steve Sutcliffe in Autocar, but in reality the car is surprisingly effective. It is an attempt to capture the spirit of the 1980s Le Mans race cars that so transfixed the creator, Robert Cobben, when he was a young boy.

Cobben and his “amiable team of ten or so employees” aim to build just 12 cars a year, says Sutcliffe. But Cobben should have no trouble finding buyers for them. The car will not be to everyone’s taste – it purposely eschews “all the regular electronic trickery” you find in most modern supercars – but it is designed to be reasonably practical for road use and it looks “pretty spectacular”.


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Fire up the V8 engine and drive off, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised: “not for one moment does it feel like it was built or engineered by anyone other than people who knew what they were doing”. And it’s unlike anything you’ll have driven before: it’s unfeasibly rapid with sophisticated and responsive handling, and the engine “war cry” sounds “very, very lovely indeed”. It’s a dream come true for Cobben – and will be too for the 12 lucky customers.

The car makes quite an impression, says Ciprian Florea on, but should Ferrari and Lamborghini be worried? Well, the limited production run alone would suggest not. Vencer is still in its infancy and only time will tell if the tiny start-up will survive. But it is a “breath of fresh air”: very few carmakers make supercars “the old-fashioned way”, so the Vencer delivers what few other modern supercars can. It gives new meaning to the concept of the supercar.

Price: £250,000.
Top speed: 210mph.
0-62mph: 3.6 seconds.
Economy: 21mpg.
Engine: V8, 6282cc, supercharged, petrol.
Power: 622bhp at 6,500rpm.
Torque: 618lb ft at 4,000rpm.

Source: MoneyWeek

Australia’s First Supercar

Australia's First Supercar

Australia’s very own supercar, the Joss JP1, is taking another run at the world stage.

With a mid- mounted all-alloy V8, a claimed top speed of around 340 km/h (211 mph), and all of the current technical innovations expected in a modern day supercar, the Joss JP1 is the culmination of years of design and development work aimed squarely at producing a world-beating exotic machine.


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Despite all of this engineering work, though, the Australian design regulations are amongst the toughest and most intractable in the world, and would take more money and time to comply with than is reasonably available to a boutique auto maker. The upshot of which means that the first five vehicles built and sold by Joss will only be available as track-day cars.

No official date has been given for a possible launch or impending production. Though, based on the proposed timeline and all going to plan, it would appear that it will be somewhere around two years by the time the first new prototype is produced.

Source: Gizmag